Clozier, Christian, Leipp, Emile



GAM (Bulletin du Groupe d'Acoustique Musicale), no. 78. Paris: GAM: 15-18.

Language(s): French


Music Education Listening Experience Electroacoustic Music Experimental Music Psychoacoustics


The authors discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of experimental music; such as the public and the concert, pedagogical possibilities, the role of the computer, and the role of listening.

Abstract translation(s):


Clozier, Christian, Leipp, Emile (1975b). Discussion

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Clozier, Christian, Leipp, Emile (1975a). Le groupe de musique expérimental de Bourges


Clozier, Christian, Leipp, Emile (1975a). Le groupe de musique expérimental de Bourges

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