Rousselier, Samuel


Playtime et Pensée du matin, extraits de La Ronde

Michel Chion, Portraits Polychromes. Paris: INA-GRM/CDMC.


Language(s): French

Media(s): Animation


Acousmatic Analysis Visual Representation


The author realised a visual representation of two extracts from La Ronde by Michel Chion. In the first extract (Playtime), the color scale (from blue to red) represents the harmonic scale (from high to low sounds). The second extract (Pensée du matin) mixes videos of body parts (hand, mouth) or objects (train) and abstract graphics.

Abstract translation(s):


Rousselier, Samuel (2005). Playtime et Pensée du matin, extraits de La Ronde

All references of the same author:


Rousselier, Samuel (2002). Sonorités élastiques


Rousselier, Samuel (2002). Sonorités élastiques

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