Stiegler, Bernard


Bouillonnements organologiques et enseignement musical

Les dossiers de l'ingénierie éducative, No. 43. Paris: CNDP: 11-15.

Language(s): French


Music Education Electroacoustic Devices Recording Real-time Spatialisation Analysis Listening Experience Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music


The author argues that the technological revolution of music in the twentieth century is a radical modification of musical instrument definition and relationships between composer, listener, educator and students. Indeed the musical instrument is not only unique but a group of several devices (instrument, microphone, computer, MIDI controller, loudspeakers, etc.). The relationships between the different actors within musical culture are changed by the apparition of listening tools. From Phonograph to actual computer software, these new tools instigated new approaches to listening. The author also presents some ideas on the relationship between music and consumers, the birth of the home studio, and a new listening project at IRCAM (”écoutes signées” - the signed listening project).

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Stiegler, Bernard (2003). Bouillonnements organologiques et enseignement musical