Stevance, Sophie M.


De l'univers acoustique aux sphères électroniques : l'itinéraire du timbre dans le Clair-Obscur parasité de Roger Tessier

Montréal: CIM05.


Language(s): French


Analysis Electronic Music Mixed Work Spectralisme


The author develops the notion of chiaroscuro (a bold contrast between light and dark) to analyse the mix of acoustic and electroacoustic sounds. She focusses on a mixed work by Roger Tessier for voice, horn, flute, cello and electronics. Roger Tessier was one of the founders of the French ensemble, L’itinéraire. In his work, two sound universes, acoustic (light) and electronic (dark), are placed into a conflict out of which emerges a third sound entity.

Abstract translation(s):


Stevance, Sophie M. (2005). De l'univers acoustique aux sphères électroniques : l'itinéraire du timbre dans le Clair-Obscur parasité de Roger Tessier

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