Solomos, Makis


Notes sur François-Bernard Mâche et L'estuaire du temps

Méthodes nouvelles, musiques nouvelles. Strasbourg: Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg: 237-249.

Language(s): English


Analysis Structural Analysis Mixed Work


The author analyses L’estuaire du temps by François-Bernard Mâche, a mixed work for orchestra and sampler. He contextualises his analysis through ideas expressed in the composer’s book Musique, mythe, nature. The first part develops the notion of models: the work’s fundamental model is established through the sampler’s perfomative input, the orchestra performs in correspondence with this model. The second part explains the idea of universal archetypes: the composer argues that all music is established through these archetypes, that they are present in all cultures.

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Solomos, Makis (1999b). Notes sur François-Bernard Mâche et L'estuaire du temps

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