Schœller, Philippe


Mutation de l'écriture : Éclat, Stria, Désintégrations

Inharmoniques, No. 1. Paris: IRCAM: 197-208.

Language(s): French


Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Analysis Computer Music Mixed Work


This article proposes a comparative analysis of three works through the notion of resonance. In Éclat (1964) for orchestra, the composer Pierre Boulez works on the gesture percussion/resonance. The second work, Stria (1977) by John Chowning for tape, develops the notion of resonance inside the sound. In the third piece, Désintégrations (1983) for orchestra and tape, Tristan Murail works with a sort of spectral resonance on magnetic tape, where the instruments filter the sound of tape.

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Schœller, Philippe (1986). Mutation de l'écriture : Éclat, Stria, Désintégrations