Delalande, François, Dessy, Jean-Paul, Franck, Philippe


De Schaeffer au Djing : nouvelles pratiques, nouvelles écoutes

Musiques nouvelles : sons en mutation. Bruxelles: Ante Post asbl: 50-70.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Schaefferian Theory Recording Acousmographe Sound Image Listening Experience Electronica Perception


François Delalande explains how the recording technologies in the twentieth century created a new perception of sound and a new music: musique concrète. He discusses this new music, its different theories (Schaefferian theory and Bayle’s sound image) and its relationship with popular techno music. To conclude, he discusses musical research into the graphical representation of perception by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM).

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Delalande, François, Dessy, Jean-Paul, Franck, Philippe (2003). De Schaeffer au Djing : nouvelles pratiques, nouvelles écoutes