Föllmer, Golo


Klangorganisation im öffentlichen Raum (Sound Organisations in Public Spaces)

In Helga de la Motte-Haber (ed.) Klangkunst: Tönende Objekte und klingende Räume. Laaber: Laaber Verlag: 191-227.

Language(s): German


Soundscape Design Site Specific Sound Art


The author investigates sound art in public spaces and sound art made from public spaces, eg, soundscape composition. Consequently he discusses how people listen to art in public spaces (eg, muzak, walkman) and in so doing introduces public art which may be a form of musique d’ameublement (furniture music) or something that demands your attention. Föllmer’s interpretation of sound art is the broadest in this volume and includes sound-based performance. Therefore, in his presentation of sound art in the city, in includes performance alongside of sound sculpture, sound installation, sound in space and interactive installations.

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