Weinberg, Gil, Aimi, Roberto, Jennings, Kevin


The Beatbug Network - A Rhythmic System for Interdependent Group Collaboration

In Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-02). Dublin, Ireland.

URL: http://hct.ece.ubc.ca/nime/2002/proceedings/paper/weinberg.pdf

Language(s): English


Electroacoustic Instruments Interactive Instruments Live Electronics


In this paper, the authors evaluate the Beatbug device as a means for creating large-scale collaborative works. Beatbugs are hand-held percussive instruments that facilitate the creation, manipulation, and sharing of rhythmic motifs through a simple network interface. The paper also includes an evaluation of a performance of a Beatbug controlled composition entitled “Nerve” by author Gil Weinberg, written for six children and two professional percussionists.