Mandelis, James, Husbands, Phil


Don't Just Play it, Grow it! : Breeding Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings

In Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME-04). Hamamatsu, Japan: 47-50.


Language(s): English


Adaptive Music Generative Music Genetic Art Electroacoustic Devices Electroacoustic Instruments


In this paper, the authors describe the use of evolutionary and artificial life techniques in sound design and the development of performance mapping to facilitate the real-time manipulation of such sounds through an input device controlled by the performer. They discuss a system that allows musicians without detailed knowledge and experience of sound synthesis techniques to interactively develop new sounds and performance manipulation mappings according to their own aesthetic judgements.

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Mandelis, James, Husbands, Phil (2003). Musical Interaction with Artificial Life Forms: Sound Synthesis and Performance Mappings