Bregman, Albert S.


Auditory Scene Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound

Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Language(s): English


Auditory Scene Analysis


In this book, the author presents a comprehensive study of the perceptual organisation of sound. He addresses the problem of hearing in complex auditory environments, analyses mixtures of sounds to recover descriptions of individual sounds, explains how primary auditory processes employ a set of principles that are analogous to those of a computer pattern recognition, examines audio/visual relationships, and suggests further areas for future study.

Table of contents:

1. The Auditory Scene
2. Sequential Integration
3. Integration of Simultaneous Auditory Components
4. Schema-based Segregation and Integration
5. Auditory Organization in Music
6. Auditory Organization in Speech Perception
7. The Principle of Exclusive Allocation in Scene Analysis
8. Summary and Conclusions: What We Do and Don Not Know About Auditory Scene Analysis

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Bregman, Albert S. (1993). Auditory Scene Analysis: Hearing in Complex Environments