Sear, Walter


A Guide to Electronic Music and Synthesizers

London: Omnibus Press.

Language(s): English


Acoustics Synthesizer Oscillator Recording Voltage Control


In this introductory book, the author describes the basic ideas, and explains the basic vocabulary needed for an elementary understanding of sound, acoustics, basic electricity and magnetism necessary to the understanding of electronic music (ca.1972). The author does not focus on aesthetics or the ‘how to do’ of electronic music, he simply describes basic concepts and functions.

Table of contents:
1. Sound
2. The Electronic Generation of Sound
3. The Recording of Sound
4. Some Classical Tape Recorder Electronic Music Techniques
5. The Electronic Music Synthesizer
6. Using Electronic Music Synthesizers to Create Music
7. Voltage Control Sources
8. Additional Synthesizer Accessories
9. Interconnecting Various Synthesizer Components
10. Salient Features of Various Synthesizers