Dwyer, Terence


Making Electronic Music: A Course for Schools

London: Oxford University Press.

Language(s): English


Music Education Recording Sound Shaping


This three-part series of booklets was designed as a course template for a 2-4 year course of study in electronic music making techniques (ca. 1975) for students aged from 12-18 years. The primary focus of the course is on magnetic tape techniques (recording, and editing) but with an emphasis on creativity and music making rather than electronics and technical issues.

Table of contents:

Teacher’s Book
1. How to use the course
2. Equipment
3. Working techniques
4. Performing the pieces
5. Notes on individual chapters
6. Further ideas

Book 1
1. Shaping the dynamics
2. Speed changes
3, Editing
4. Tape loops
5. Filtering
6. Envelope shaping
7. Reverberation
8. Some further techniques

Book 2
1. Super imposition
2. Tape echo
3. Variable speed
4. Variable filtering
5. Musique concrète
6. Methods of composing
7. Space music