Hiller, L. A.


Music Composed with Computers: An Historical Survey

University of Illinois, School of Music, Experimental Music Studio.

Language(s): English


Computer Music


In this lengthy report, the author offers a comprehensive review of progress in the use of electronic digital computers for composing music in, what is now, the early years of development (ca. 1968). This review includes the computerised preparation of scores, compositional tests and experiments, and analytical studies. The review itself is not evaluative, analytical or critical; it is merely a documentation of the state of the art.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Older Experiments
3. Computer Music Composition at the University of Illinois
4. Other American Experiments
5. French Experiments in Computer Composition
6. English Experiments in Computer Composition
7. Other European Experiments
8. Algorithms for Generating Folk Tunes
9. Miscellaneous

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HILLER, L. A. (1965). Musikalische Anwendungen von elektronischen Digitalrechnern


HILLER, L. A. (1965). Musikalische Anwendungen von elektronischen Digitalrechnern(Musical Applications of Electronic Digital Computers)