Piché, Jean


Thoughts, Contentions, and Composition: Electronic Music 1981

Musicworks : No. 15. Toronto : Musicworks Society of Ontario : 18-19.

Language(s): English


Formalism Live Electronics Electronic Music


In this article, the author reflects on the state of the art of electronic music in 1981. He argues that electronic music has failed to acknowledge or accept alternatives to the structuralist/formalist approach to composition, and so has little to do with the sensual experience that he contends music should be. He also discusses the (then) current state of electronic music performance and its usefulness in comparison to what performance is or should be, arguing that the drive towards perfection in electronic music production technology may well kill electronic/computer music.

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Piché, Jean (2003). De la musique et des images


Piché, Jean (2003). De la musique et des images