Young, Gayle


The Sackbut Blues: Hugh Le Caine Pioneer in Electronic Music

Ontario: National Museum of Science and Technology.

Language(s): English


Electroacoustic Devices Electroacoustic Instruments


In this book, the author presents a biography of pioneering and prolific electronic instrument designer/inventor Hugh Le Cain (1914-1977). Appendix A includes technical descriptions of all of the instruments that he designed.

Table of contents:

1. Growing Up in Port Arthur
2. Physics at Queen’s University, Radar at the National Research Council
3. Atomic Physics and the First Synthesizer
4. Birmingham University and the Synchrotron
5. At the National Research Council Again
6. The National Research Council Music Laboratory
7. Electronic Music Composition
8. Electronic Music at the University of Toronto
9. Marriage and the Multi-Track
10. Instruments for the Studios
11. The Synthesizer and Retirement

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Young, Gayle (1981). Hugh Le Caine: Pioneer of Electronic Music - part 2