Loy, Gareth


Composing with Computers - A Survey of Some Compositional Formalisms and Music Programming Languages

In Current Directions in Computer Music Research. Mathews, M. V. & Pierce, J. R. (eds.): Cambridge, MA: MIT Press: 291-396.

Language(s): English


Computing Formalism Computer Music


In this chapter, the author explores the ways in which computer music composers and musicians have developed formal techniques and descriptive notations in order to express musical ideas in ways that are understandable to both computer and musician. He offers an overview of formal methods that have historically been used in composition, discusses how computer music composers have used formal methods, particularly algorithms to write music, and offers examples of music composition programmes and programming languages. Also included is a bibliography (ca. 1989) divided into nine specific sections that are relative to the content of the chapter.

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