Miranda, Eduardo Reck (Ed.)


Música y nuevas tecnologías: Perspectivas para el siglo XXI (Music and New Technologies: Perspectives for the 21st Century)

Barcelona: L'Angelot.

Language(s): Spanish


Formalism Controller Interface Electroacoustic Music


This book presents a collection of essays written by musicians, composers and academics on the topic of music and its relation with the sciences and new technologies. The grounding theme across these essays is twofold: one the one hand the authors discuss recent technical developments in the field of music technology and on the other they attempt at anticipating the impact that these on-going developments may have in the music of the 21st Century.

The various essays touch upon a variety of issues including: electroacoustic music, the development of software for musical composition, new modes of listening with new interactive audio technology, musical composition practices through the internet, and the development of artificial intelligence tools for musical composition.

Table of contents:

1. From Luigi Russolo to the symbiotic musician
2. Return to Concrete Music
3. Music + Electroacoustic: end of the century golden anniversary
4. The future of the music of the future
5. Thoughts on the act of composing
6. The musical cyborg
7. On the limitations of the gestures of musical interpreters
8. Internet music: A dream of (virtual) reality?
9. Listening to music: What is being played?
10. The evolution of musical organisms
11. From the origins of music to Artificial Life

Abstract translation(s):


Miranda, Eduardo Reck (Ed.) (1999). Música y nuevas tecnologías: Perspectivas para el siglo XXI

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