Blanchard, Philippe


De Luigi Russolo al músico simbiótico (From Luigi Russolo to the symbiotic musician)

In Miranda, Eduardo Reck (ed.) Música y nuevas tecnologías: Perspectivas para el siglo XXI/(Music and New Technologies: Perspectives for the 21st Century). Barcelona: L'Angelot.


Electroacoustic Music


This chapter introduces an interesting discussion on the seminal works of Luigi Russolo and their relationship to the music development of the 20th Century and beyond. The author goes on to suggest that a new kind of musician is emerging in the 21st Century: the symbiotic musician. Blanchard’s suggestion was inspired by Joel De Rosnay’s book "The Symbiotic Man". He suggests that the future of the human kind is not to become bionic creatures, robots or supermen, but symbiotic beings. The world is considered as a global macro-organism composed of a large distributed network of humans and machines.

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Blanchard, Philippe (1999). De Luigi Russolo al músico simbiótico