Malt, Mikahil


Reflexiones sobre el acto de componer (Thoughts on the act of composing)

In Miranda, Eduardo Reck (ed.) Música y nuevas tecnologías: Perspectivas para el siglo XXI (Music and New Technologies: Perspectives for the 21st Century). Barcelona: L'Angelot.

Language(s): Spanish


Music Education Electroacoustic Devices Electroacoustic Instruments Structure, Musical [Str]


In this chapter, the author, who is a composer and music educator on is own right, discusses the act of composing music with the aid of a computer. The author proposes the notion that the computer should not be considered as a musical instrument or a machine for automatic generation of music, but rather as a tool to aid the realization of the composer’s abstract musical ideas into musical forms.

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Malt, Mikahil (1999). Reflexiones sobre el acto de componer