Dürr, Bernard


Valeur et plus value (hypothèses pour l'analyse musicale)

Programme Bulletin GRM: No. 17. Paris: INA-GRM: 51-56.

Language(s): French


Sound Object Musique Concrète Schaefferian Theory Analysis Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music


The author presents three qualities of listening to the sound object:
- The apparent quality: the quality at the time it is perceived.
- The real quality: the a posteriori quality.
- The added quality: the possible future qualities of the object.

He also explains the notion of “figure”, a group of objects that are perceived as an entirety and make reference to a formal model.

Abstract translation(s):


Dürr, Bernard (1975). Valeur et plus value (hypothèses pour l'analyse musicale)

All references of the same author:


Dürr, Bernard (1986). Journal des Chants parallèles de Luciano Berio


Dürr, Bernard (1986). Journal des Chants parallèles de Luciano Berio

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