Teruggi, Daniel, Dunkelman, Stefan, Coppe, Dimitri


Daniel Teruggi, directeur INA-GRM

Les Cahiers de l'ACME: No. 185. Bruxelles: ACME: 17-25.

Language(s): French


Computing Music Education Loudspeaker Orchestra Acousmographe Electroacoustic Music


Daniel Teruggi, the director of the Groupes de Recherches Musicales, presents the different activities of the GRM: software developments (GRM Tools, Acousmograph), musicological research, creations, concerts, musical editions, pedagogy. He also explains the relationships between the GRM and other studios and between the GRM’s composers and other composers.

Abstract translation(s):


Teruggi, Daniel, Dunkelman, Stefan, Coppe, Dimitri (1997). Daniel Teruggi, directeur INA-GRM

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