Prager, Jonathan, Coppe, Dimitri


Acousmaxi ou acousmini ? Motus, mais pas bouche cousue...

Les Cahiers de l'ACME: No. 225. Bruxelles: ACME: 14-17.

Language(s): French


Acousmatic Controller MIDI Loudspeaker Orchestra Sound Projection Stereophonic


Jonathan Prager presents two acousmoniums (loudspeaker orchestras):
- Acousmini: a small loudspeaker orchestra (46 loudspeakers on 25 tracks) that is operated by a computer, 3 sound cards and 3 MIDI controllers. The composer/performer/interpreter can diffuse stereophonic or multiphonic works on this acousmonium.
- Acousmaxi: a heterogeneous loudspeaker orchestra (53 loudspeakers on 48 tracks) specially developed for stereophonic diffusion. It contains 3 groups of loudspeakers controlled by 3 mixers. Jonathan Prager details the musical possibilities of each system.

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Prager, Jonathan, Coppe, Dimitri (2005). Acousmaxi ou acousmini ? Motus, mais pas bouche cousue...