Ascione, Patrick


La polyphonie spatiale

L'espace du son, Vol. 2. Ohain: Musiques et Recherches: 66-72.

Language(s): French


Acousmatic Spatialisation Automated Spatialisation Systems Loudspeaker Orchestra Stereophonic Sound Image Composed Space


First, the author explains one of the spatialisation problems of stereophonic work: the combination of composed spaces and real concert hall space. Frequently these spaces reveal contradictions and the composer must adapt the composed space through spatialisation. Following this statement, the author proposes a solution: the 8 or 16 track composition. Through this the composer can realise his/her composed space in relation with a real diffusion space. The final mixing becomes a spatial mixing of objects.

Abstract translation(s):


Ascione, Patrick (1991). La polyphonie spatiale

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Ascione, Patrick (1998). Pour une écriture de l'espace


Ascione, Patrick (1998). Pour une écriture de l'espace