Gripp, Ragnar


La musique expérimentale en Suède

Faire: No. 2-3. Bourges: GMEB: 113-117.

Language(s): French


Musique Concrète Electroacoustic Devices Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music Experimental Music


The author presents a history of Swedish experimental music with a focus on the EMS (Electroacoustic Music in Sweden) studios, Stockholm. He offers an overview of the technology that was available at the studios (ca. 1974-75), discusses the two studios in terms of their approaches towards musique concrète and electronic music, and highlights several of the major composers that emerged from the studios. He also discusses two other studios: the school of music studio (Stockholm) and the Fylkingen’s studio (Stockholm).

Abstract translation(s):


Gripp, Ragnar (1975). La musique expérimentale en Suède

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