Bateman, Wayne


Introduction to Computer Music

New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Language(s): English


Spectral Analysis Computing Modulation Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Computer Music


The author presents the digital techniques of computer music in a non-technical and comprehensive manner. This volume is directed at musicians who would like to understand how computers can create music and how they can integrate digital techniques into their performances.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Computer and the Musician
  2. Tones and Harmonics
  3. How the Computer Operates
  4. Computer Programming in Tone Generation
  5. Modulation and Dynamics
  6. Waveform Analysis in the Frequency Domain
  7. Synthesis of Complex Tones
  8. Modification and Processing of Recorded Sounds
  9. Simulation and Reproduction of Natural Sounds
  10. Scales and Tonality
  11. Composition with the Computer
  12. Machines and Human Creativity
    - Appendix A: programming in BASIC
    - Appendix B: Programming in FORTRAN