Lalitte, Philippe


City Life

L'Éducation Musicale, No. 451-452. Paris: L'éducation musicale: 34-42.

Language(s): French


Soundscape Composition Sampling Analysis Collage Mixed Work


City Life (1995) by Steve Reich is a work for small orchestra and sampler. The listener is immersed in the city of Manhattan with its sounds of people, cars, horns and alarms. This work contains five parts which are very different in terms of their sounds, ambience and structures. Philippe Lalitte analyses the work’s themes (sounds and clamour, the repetition, the techniques of canon and the collage from various cultures), and the structure of its parts.

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Lalitte, Philippe (1998). City Life

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Lalitte, Philippe (2006). Towards a semiotic model of mixed music analysis