Geslin, Yann


L'informatique musicale au CNSMDP

Marsyas: No.20. Paris: La Villette Cité de la Musique: 35-39.

Language(s): French


Music Education Acousmographe Computer Music


The author describes the birth of computer music studies in the Paris Conservatory of Music. He explains how the SYTER system changed the relationship between students and computer who found that they could produce computer music works more easily than when using traditional software. He also presents the technological equipment used in the studios, and details the pedagogic approaches.

Abstract translation(s):


Geslin, Yann (1991). L'informatique musicale au CNSMDP

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Geslin, Yann (2001). Le studio 123
Geslin, Yann (2002). Digital Sound and Music Transformation Environments: A Twenty-year Experiment at the 'Groupe de Recherches Musicales'
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Geslin, Yann (2001). Le studio 123
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