Mikic, Vesna


Vris.Krik.exe: A Techno - Music Metaphor of Subject/Body

New Sound: No. 19. Belgrade: Union of Yugoslav Composer' Organizations: 71-74.

Language(s): English


Analysis Dramaturgy of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Electronica Live Electronics


Vris.Krik.exe (2000) is a concerto for live electronics and orchestra by Jasna Velickovic that has been compositionally influenced by extracts from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. Velickovic is an important composer of the techno-generation. By techno-generation, the author means composers who use the computer to produce sound material and to perform it live. The author’s analysis is focussed on dramaturgic material and on the interactive relationship between human subjects and their sound representations - the transformation from subject to object.

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