Roche, Colin


Du sens politique dans l'utilisation des sons électroniques: Machinations de Georges Aperghis, Tombeaux de Pierre-Albert Castanet et Le Grand Jeu de Bruno Mantovani

New Sound: No. 21. Belgrade: Union of Yugoslav Composer' Organizations: 35-44.

Language(s): French


Analysis Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Live Electronics Mixed Work


The author analyses the relationship between politics and music through three works that were realised in two important centers in Paris (IRCAM and CCMIX). After a philosophical introduction discussing meaning in music, the author details how the composers represent particular events ( e.g. September 11 in Pierre-Abert Castanet’s piece) in the sonic realisation of their works. In these three works, each of which addresses issues of culture shock, the computer plays the character of a machine - represented in all its destructive potential.