Dreyer, Sylvain


Marseille à l'heure électronique

Musica Falsa: No. 8. Paris: Musica Falsa: 46-48.

Language(s): French


Spatialisation Loudspeaker Orchestra Analysis Electroacoustic Music Electronica Experimental Music Live Electronics Plunderphonics Semiotics


This paper introduces various groups and electronic music centres in Marseille (France). The GRIM (Groupe de Recherche et Improvisation Musicale) experiments with the improvisation of live electronics in relation to techno music. The MIM (Laboratoire de Musique et informatique de Marseille) conducts research on UST (Unités Sémiotiques Temporelles - Temporal Semiotic Unities) experimenting with new analytical approaches towards electroacoustic music. The GMEM (Groupe de Musique Expérimentale de Marseille) presents its activities concerning research into new diffusion systems and composition through the festival, Les Musiques.

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Dreyer, Sylvain (1999). Marseille à l'heure électronique