La música en América Latina (Music in Latin America)

Venezuela: Monte Avila Editores.

Language(s): Spanish


Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


For over 20 years this book has been a major reference included in the basic bibliography for most courses about Latin American music.

Béhague includes in his text information about Latin American-born composers who had played a role in terms of the development of electroacoustic music in the region (and in same cases, also abroad). Many of them were not only composing their music using electroacoustic technologies but also promoting the wide field of new media applied to art creation. Among the composers he talks about in his book are: alcides lanza from Argentina (living in Canada since the early 70s); Alberto Villalpando from Bolivia; Juan Amenábar from Chile; Juan Blanco from Cuba; Blas Emilio Atehortúa from Colombia; Héctor Quintanar and Manuel Enríquez from Mexico; Edgar Valcárcel and César Bolaños from Peru. Some of these composers are still active in the electroacoustic music field.

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BÉHAGUE, Gerard (1983). La música en América Latina