Nueva Generación de Instrumentos Musicales Electrónicos (The new generation of electronic music instruments)

Spain: Marcombo (Boixareu Editores).

Language(s): Spanish


Historical Electroacoustic Devices Historical Electroacoustic Instruments Synthesizer Oscillator Envelope Following Envelope Generation Filter Flanging Modulation Sample and Hold Voltage Control


This is an early book focusing on how to build and use electronic music modules, one of the rare cases available in Spanish. It includes electronic circuits and full explanations of basic units as well as more sophisticated ones (voltage-controlled oscillator, voltage-controlled filter, voltage-controlled amplifier, envelope generator, sample & hold, envelope follower, ring modulator, phase shifter, pitch shifter and much more).

Table of Contents:

1. Evolución tecnológica de los métodos de generación del sonido (Technological evolution of the sound generation methods)
2. Física del sonido (Sound physics)
3. Producción electrónica del sonido (Electronic sound generation)
4. Sintetizador de sonidos (Sound synthesizer)
5. Construcción de unidades modulares para música electrónica (Building modular units for electronic music)
6. Equipos comerciales (Commercial equipments)
7. Instrumentos de procesado y controladores (Processing instruments and controllers)
8. Programación del sintetizador (Synthesizer programming)

Abstract translation(s):


BERMÚDEZ COSTA, Juan (1977). Nueva Generación de Instrumentos Musicales Electrónicos