CLARO, Samuel


Panorama de la música experimental en Chile (Panorama of experimental music in Chile)

Revista Musical Chilena, no. 83 (January-March). Chile: 111-118.

Language(s): Spanish


Classification of Sound Experimental Music Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


The author describes the early years of electroacoustic music in Chile, one of the pioneering countries in South America where electroacoustic music activities already started in the mid-fifties.

Claro talks about the Taller Experimental de Sonido (Experimental Sound Workshop) activies in 1957, including some rudimentary sound classification experiences.

He also discusses the early pieces by León Schidlowsky (Nacimiento, 1956), Juan Amenábar (Los Peces, 1957), José Vicente Asuar (Variaciones Espectrales, 1959) and, very briefly, his own work (Estudio No. 1, 1960).

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CLARO, Samuel (1965). Panorama de la música experimental en Chile