Informationstheoretische Probleme der musikalischen Kommunikation (Musical communication as a problem of information theory)

Gravesaner Blätter. No. 26: Mainz: Ars Viva Verlag: 93-97/98-102.
Originally published in: Revue Belge de Musicologie XIII (1959): 44-49.

Language(s): English,  German


Impact of Electroacoustic Music


Using the question ”Is modern music ’music’?“ as a starting point, Meyer-Eppler attempts to create a definition of music based on information theoretical principles in which he employs a communication sequence ”Expedient, Transferent and Participant“. He comes to the conclusion that only the composer (Expedient) through his or her creative work (Transferent) determines what music is; the views of the Participants (listeners), which often take on a hedonistic character, are often subjective and therefore debateable.

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MEYER-EPPLER, Werner (1965). Informationstheoretische Probleme der musikalischen Kommunikation

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MEYER-EPPLER, Werner (1955). Sichtbargemachte Musik (Visualised Music)