TENNEY, James C.


Die physikalischen Korrelate der Klangfarbe (The physical correlates of timbre)

Gravesaner Blätter. No. 26: Mainz: Ars Viva Verlag: 103-105/106-109.

Language(s): English,  German


Acoustics Parameters of Sound Timbre


Tenney develops a new definition of timbre fencing off/in opposition to Ohm’s in this text. He portrays timbre as a physical phenomenon based on three main parameters: spectrum (frequencies, bandwiths, amplitudes), quasi steady-state modulation processes (frequency and amplitude modulation) and certain transient phenomena. He describes a further 15 subparameters and follows this with a simplified definition that includes all main and subparameters.

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TENNEY, James C. (1965). Die physikalischen Korrelate der Klangfarbe