SANIO, Sabine


Komponieren als Experiment. Die Musik von Alvin Lucier (Composition as experiment: the music of Alvin Lucier)

Positionen. No. 19: Berlin: Verlag Positionen: 26-30.


Language(s): German


Live Electronics Sound Installation


The author describes the musical development of Alvin Lucier, who was influenced by John Cage and David Tudor. Alongside the description of a few works including the ’classic’ I am sitting in a room, Sanio suggests that Lucier’s works, similar to Cage’s music, are not works or objects, but instead musical processes although Lucier’s approach to process is quite different. The author compares their differences using an approach of a physicist who takes an experiment out of a lab and performs it so that the listener or member of the audience can therefore be able to consciously perceive it.

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SANIO, Sabine (1994). Komponieren als Experiment. Die Musik von Alvin Lucier

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Sanio, Sabine (1999). Autonomie, Intentionalitšt, Situation: Aspekte eines erweiterten Kunstbegriffs: (Autonomy, Intention, Situation: Aspects of an expanded concept of art)