Comprender la música electroacústica y su expresión en Venezuela (To understand electroacoustic music and its expression in Venezuela)

Venezuela: Universidad Central de Venezuela, Facultad de Humanidades y Educación, Escuela de Artes (Thesis).

Language(s): Spanish


Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


Alfredo del Mónaco, the pioneer of electronic music in Venezuela, composed his first pieces during the mid 60s at the studio being developed under the guidance of Chilean engineer and composer José Vicente Asuar in Caracas. The author includes information about those early years when the Estudio de Fonología Musical (the Musical Phonology Studio) was created as part of the Instituto Nacional de Cultura y Bellas Artes (National Institute of Culture and Fine Arts), as well as later initiatives to establish a center when that first one declined, after a few years, towards the end of the 60s. There are also references to the work done by Argentinean composer Eduardo Kusnir, who was lived for several years in Venezuela and was involved intensively with electroacoustic music.

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SEGNINI-SEQUERA, Rodrigo (1994). Comprender la música electroacústica y su expresión en Venezuela