Paine, Garth


Endangered Sounds: a sound project

Organised Sound: Vol. 10, No. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 149-162.


Language(s): English


Acoustic Ecology Soundscape Studies


Endangered Sounds is a project that focuses on the exploration of Sound Marks (trade-marked sounds). The initial stage of this project was funded by Arts Victoria, and comprised legal searches that resulted in the listings of Sound Marks registered in Australasia and the United States of America. This list was published on the Internet with a call for volunteers to collect samples of the listed sounds internationally. The volunteer was sent a specimen tube with label and cap, and asked to collect the sound by placing the specimen tube close to the source (thereby capturing the air through which the sound travelled), securing the cap and then completing the label, documenting the time, place and nature of the sound (Sound Mark Reg. No., Sound Mark Description, Time of Capture, Date of Capture, Location, etc.). These specimen tubes were collected and displayed in chemistry racks in the exhibition in the Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth in 2004, illustrating the frequency and diversity of the environment into which these ‘private’, protected sounds have been released. This project questions the legitimacy of privatising and protecting sounds that are released at random in public spaces.

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