Higgins, Anna-Marie, Jennings, Kevin


From Peering in the Window to Opening the Door: a constructivist approach to making electroacoustic music accessible to young listeners

Organised Sound: Vol. 11, No. 2. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 179-187.

URL: http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=OSO

Language(s): English


Music Education


A casual listener may not have the relevant cognitive tools to relate to electroacoustic music as an independent art form. Even music students who have had several years’ formal training may not know how to listen purposefully to it. The authors investigate the hypothesis that by engaging in the composition of musique concrète, students will become more informed listeners to electroacoustic music in general. This study describes a teacher and ten 16-year-old high school students who use a digital audio editor (Cool Edit Pro) to manipulate sound and to structure sound events. A variety of teaching approaches are tested. Having experienced the creative process, the participants display a growing ability to engage in higher-order critical thinking skills in relation to electroacoustic music.