Realtime Algorithmic Music Systems From Fractals and Chaotic Functions: Toward an Active Musical Instrument

Ph.D. Thesis, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

URL: http://www.hinojosachapel.com/data/texts/dea-2003-hinojosa.pdf

Language(s): English


Chaos Theory Fractal Theory Formalism Mapping Interactivity Real-time Algorithmic Music


This doctoral thesis focuses on algorithmic music composition in real-time.

After reviewing his previous work on algorithmic music (Musical Fractals, a non-realtime, non-interactive algorithmic music system; Orbis Musicae, a simple realtime interactive algorithmic music system; Piano Fractal, a realtime non-interactive algorithmic music system; and Fractal Composer, a complex realtime interactive algorithmic music system), Hinojosa discusses algorithmic composition, active instruments (considering passive instruments as those that only react to a human gesture, and active instruments to real time interactive algorithmic music systems) versus intelligent instruments (those who exhibit and intelligent behaviour, collaborating with the performer), intuitive and non-intuitive software, mapping, and authorship.

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