NUÑEZ, Adolfo


Informática y Electrónica Musical - 2da. edición, revisada (Musical Electronics and Informatics - 2nd edition, revised)

Editorial Paraninfo: Spain.

Language(s): Spanish


MIDI Recording Sampling Sequencing Editing Modulation Sound Transformation Synthesis and Resynthesis Techniques Algorithmic Music Psychoacoustics DSP


Including chapters on the fundamentals of psychoacoustics, sound synthesis techniques and digital processing, audio recording and editing, MIDI, sequencing and notation software, and computer assisted composition, this book by Adolfo Nuñez is a complete introduction to the music technology world. It is one of the most comprehensive texts from those originally written in Spanish on this subject.

Table of Contents:

1. Sonido y Psicoacústica (Sound and psychoacoustics)
2. Tecnologías Electrónicas y Digitales para la Música (Electronic and digital technologies for music)
3. Síntesis de Sonido (Sound synthesis)
4. Proceso de Sonido (Sound processing)
5. Grabación, Edición y Reproducción del Sonido (Recording, editing and playback of sound)
7. Los Ordenadores Personales y el Sonido (Personal computers and sound)
8. Programas para Tratamiento de Textos Musicales (Software for musical texts processing)
9. Composición mediante Ordenador (Musical composition using computers)
10. Otras Aplicaciones Musicales de la Informática (Other musical applications of informatics)
11. Sistemas Personales para la Informática y Electrónica Musical: Diseño y Organización (Personal systems for musical electronics and informatics: design and organization)
12. Sistemas Avanzados para la Informática Musical (Advanced systems for musical informatics)

Abstract translation(s):


NUÑEZ, Adolfo (1993). Informática y Electrónica Musical - 2da. edición, revisada

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