ODGERS, Alejandra


La Música Electroacústica en Mexico (Electroacoustic Music in Mexico)

Thesis. Escuela Nacional de Música: Mexico.

Language(s): Spanish


Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


This thesis is a catalog focusing on the electroacoustic music production by Mexican composers. It includes data spanning from the early works by composers such as: José Antonio Alcaraz, Carlos Chávez, Manuel de Elías, Manuel Enríquez, Julio Estrada, Carlos Jiménez Mabarak, Mario Lavista, Guillermo Noriega, Francisco Núñez, Raúl Pavón and Héctor Quintanar, to pieces created until 2000.

Works are sorted in seven categories: [1] material previously recorded (e.g. in open reel tape, cassette, DAT, CD, etc); [2] material previously recorded and acoustic instruments; [3] real time processing of acousic instruments; [4] electronic instruments; [5] acoustic and electronic instruments; [6] with or for dance; and [7] in combination with other artistic expression (e.g. visual arts, theatre) except dance. The catalog contains data about 569 electroacoustic works, where 231 are only for “material previously recorded”, and 160 are mixed pieces for “material previously recorded and acoustic instruments”.

For each work on the catalog, the following information is included: name of the composer, title, instrumentation, year of creation, duration, format (e.g. cassette, open reel, CD, multi-track tape, etc), basic requirements to perform the piece, editions, number of public performances and availability of the materials to perform it.

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ODGERS, Alejandra (2000). La Música Electroacústica en Mexico