Cronología Comparada de la Historia de la Música Electroacústica en Mexico (Correlated Chronology of Mexican Electroacoustic Music History)

Pauta. Cuadernos de teoría y crítica musical: vol. XXII, no. 89. Mexico: CONACULTA – INBA: 40-56


Language(s): English


Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


This chronology starts in 1830, with the first hand-driven magneto-electrical generators, and reaches 2003. The author includes references about Carlos Chávez, John Cage, Herbert Eimert, Raúl Pavón, Héctor Quintanar, Mario Lavista, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pierre Schaeffer, Max Mathews, Manuel Enríquez, John Chowning, Ricardo Martínez, Roberto Morales and Francisco Nuñez, among other composers and researchers. Rocha Iturbide writes about Mexican composers, works, labs, instruments, prizes, festivals, concerts, recordings and workshops, placing them as part of a chronology related with international events.

Abstract translation(s):


ROCHA ITURBIDE, Manuel (2004). Cronología Comparada de la Historia de la Música Electroacústica en Mexico

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Rocha Iturbide, Manuel (1995). Unfolding the Natural Sound Object through Electroacoustic Composition

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