ZARIPOV, Rudolf Chafizovic


Musica con il calcolatore. Le regole matematiche della composizione (Music with computers. The mathematical rules of composition - second edition)

Italy: Franco Muzzio & C.


Algorithm Automated Composition Stochastic Music Algorithmic Music Probability Theory


This text concerns computer assisted musical composition and analysis, particularly composition based on mathematical-probabilistic calculus. The author presents his findings concerning the use of a computer in modelling the activity of a human composer. This book is a translation from chapters one to seven of “Kibernetika i Muzyka” (ed. Nauka, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1971).

Table of Contents:

1. Modelli di attivitā umane – Problemi e metodi di studio con i calcolatori elettronici (Human activity models – Problems and studying methods with computers)
2. Anche la melodia č soggetta a regole (The melody has also rules) 3. Sui mezzi meccanici di composizione musicale (About the mechanical ways for composing music)
4. Rassegna di ricerche sulle applicazioni dei calcolatori elettronici alla musica (Research overview on computer uses for music)
5. Un linguaggio algoritmico musicale (An algorithmic music language)
6. Composizione di melodie con il calcolatore elettronico (Melody composition using computers)
7. Calcolo automatico del ritmo per comporre una canzone con versi assegnati (Authomatic rhythm calculus to compose a song with pre-assigned lyrics)

Abstract translation(s):


Zaripov, Rudolf Chafizovic (1985 (seconda edizione)). Musica con il calcolatore. Le regole matematiche della composizione