Doati, Roberto, Vidolin, Alvise


Nuova Atlantide. Il continente della musica elettronica 1900-1986 (New Atlantis. The electronic music continent 1900-1986)

Venezia, La Biennale

Language(s): Italian


Cognitive Science Electroacoustic Devices Electroacoustic Instruments Interactive Instruments Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Timbre Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Impact of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Electronic Music Psychoacoustics


This book is historically important for the electroacoustic music scene in Italy. It is at the same time a book and the catalogue of the homonym exhibition organized in 1986 by the Venice Biennale (the expo aimed to show and reconstruct various electroacoustic experiences since 1900 in the world).

One part of the book contains a selection of essays (some already published that have been translated into Italian), thought by the editor to be fundamental as reference points on the historical, technological and sociological electroacoustic music scene.

The second part shows various profiles of centres and electroacoustic instruments, a bibliography and a discography.

Table of contents:

  1. Preface (Carlo Fontana), p. 11
  2. History and evolution of electronic instruments (Hugh Davies), p. 17
  3. Live electronics (Nicola Bernardini), p. 61
  4. Other electronics (Roberto Valentino), p. 79
  5. Arts and science: numeric electroacoustic music (Jean-Claude Risset), p. 103
  6. Researches on music and the artificial intelligence (Curtis Roads), p. 121
  7. New Atlantis (Roberto Doati – Alvise Vidolin), p. 149
  8. Historical premises and early electronic music intruments, p. 155
  9. Physics and psychophysics, p. 161
  10. Electronic music, p. 167
  11. Automation and synthesizers, p. 181
  12. Other electronics (by Roberto Valentino), p. 191
  13. Live electronics, p. 197
  14. Computer music, p. 201
  15. Auditorium, p. 211
  16. Chronology, p. 217
  17. Bibliographical references, p. 221
  18. Discography, p. 223

Abstract translation(s):


Doati, Roberto, Vidolin, Alvise (1986). Nuova Atlantide. Il continente della musica elettronica 1900-1986

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