1972 (reprinted 1983 4th ed., 1990 9th ed.)

Introduzione alla Musica Elettronica (Introduction to electronic music)

Milano, Universale Economica Feltrinelli

Language(s): Italian


Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Impact of Electroacoustic Music Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


For years this book has been the only Italian textbook completely dedicated to the evolution of electroacoustic (electronic in the text) music. The author traces the history from the first instruments (Ondes Martenot, Trautonium, Hammond Organ) to Paris, Cologne and Milan laboratories and others, until the late Sixties. He offers commentary on selected works, composers, equipment and related acoustics issues. The general theme is the focus on timbral and material dimensions. In the first chapter the author cites one definition of electronic music: “electronic music is not the generic recourse to instruments whose sounds are produced electronically. It rather is the compositional action which moves from virtual materials within the novel instruments and enables new sonic possibilities together with operational processes of composition and formal modules” (p.7).

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GENTILUCCI, Armando (1972 (reprinted 1983 4th ed., 1990 9th ed.)). Introduzione alla Musica Elettronica