FABBRI, Franco


Invenzioni, espropri, saccheggi: la 'musica elettronica' Ŕ anche popular (Inventing, expropriating, stealing: 'electronic music' is also popular)

In Galante, Francesco & Pestalozza, Luigi (eds.) Metafonie. Cinquanta anni di musica elettroacustica (Metaphonies. Fifty years of electroacoustic music). Quaderni di Musica/RealtÓ, 42, Lucca, LIM (Libreria Musicale Italiana): Milano Teatro alla Scala: 197-212.

Language(s): Italian


Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Impact of Electroacoustic Music Electroacoustic Music Electronic Music


The author offers the idea that popular music and electroacoustic music have many connections. Each piece of music today is produced by means of loudspeakers. Much non-electronic music might be considered to be electronic if one takes its production techniques into account (e.g. some of Miles Davis’s pieces which were post-produced using a considerable amount of montage). Many research centres have been transformed by the use of large commercial systems such as synthesizers, MIDI, etc.

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FABBRI, Franco (1998). Invenzioni, espropri, saccheggi: la 'musica elettronica' Ŕ anche popular