Griffiths, Paul


A Guide to Electronic Music

London: Thames and Hudson.

Language(s): English


Live Electronics Electronic Music


In this book, which provides a historical perspective (ca.1979), the author offers a survey of music created with and for electronic means of production. The book is structured in three sections: 1) an explanation as to how electronic music developed, its major features, and how is can be listened to; 2) a description of specific kinds of electronic music, including introductions to the work of Stockhausen, Cage, Boulez, Berio, Ligeti, Riley, and Reich; 3) a glossary of terms, and a discography.

Table of contents:


2.1 Out of the known
2.2 The electronic voice
2.3 Out of the unknown
2.4 The instrument and its double
2.5 Rock
2.6 Electronic instruments
2.7 Live electronic ensembles
2.8 The music of the world

3.1 Recordings
3.2 Glossary
3.3 Bibliography

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Griffiths, Paul (1979). A Guide to Electronic Music
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