Zattra, Laura, Durante, Sergio (eds.)


Vent'anni di musica elettronica all'universitÓ di Padova. Il Centro di Sonologia Computazionale (20 years of electronic music at Padua University. The Centro di Sonologia Computazionale)

Palermo, CIMS, Archivio Musiche del XX secolo.

Language(s): Italian


Electroacoustic Devices Electroacoustic Instruments Analysis Discourse within Electroacoustic Music Socio-Cultural Aspects of Electroacoustic Music Impact of Electroacoustic Music Computer Music Musicology of Electroacoustic Music [MEM]


This book contains a selection of essays by various authors that address the history and investigate the electronic music scene in Padua. Special attention is given to the musical and scientific contribution of Teresa Rampazzi and the CSC (Centro di Sonologia Computazionale dell’UniversitÓ di Padova). It is at the same time a collection of essays and a reference book about the history of electronic music in Italy. Authors underline the scientific (hardware, software, research) and musical development of the centre (various composers are mentioned, among them J. Dashow, T. Rampazzi, L. Nono, S. Sciarrino, M. Stroppa, C. Ambrosini), the authors also present interviews with foundation members, analysis of some musical pieces, annotated bibliographies, lists of musical pieces, biographies, and scientific articles.

Table of contents:

1. Introduction (Giovanni Battista Debiasi - Sergio Durante) First part. History, documentation, testimonies
2. Before CSC (Laura Zattra) - pp. 13-40
3. The Centre of Computational Sonology (CSC): the institution, operative structures, music, research (Laura Zattra) - pp. 41-102
4. Testimony of founders - pp. 103-125
Interview with Giovanni De Poli (Fiorella Sassanelli)
Interview with Graziano TIsato (Fiorella Sassanelli)
Interview with Alvise Vidolin (Fiorella Sassanelli)
Interview with James Dashow (Carlo De Pirro)
5. People and musical works (Laura Zattra) - pp. 127-158 Second part. From synthesis to analysis. Works in the mirror
6. Voice and electronics: historical context and the CSC contribution (Fiorella Sassanelli) - pp. 161-747
7. Sound synthesis in Traiettoria by Marco Stroppa (Stefano Marcato) - pp. 175-89
8. Electroacoustic music analysis: annotated bibliography related to CSC (Fiorella Sassanelli) - pp. 191-197
9. Scientific bibliography (Laura Zattra) - pp. 199-214
10. Index

Abstract translation(s):


Zattra, Laura, Durante, Sergio (eds.) (2002). Vent'anni di musica elettronica all'universitÓ di Padova. Il Centro di Sonologia Computazionale

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